Sunday, October 21, 2007

There's Nothing Wrong With Being Perfect

I, like Ann Coulter, have accepted Jesus as my savior. I have been forgiven all my sins, and in return I was inspired to enter politics and execute world domination so that Jesus can return to an earth prepared for his earthly rule by me and his other faithful regents. Pretty sweet deal, really. All those transgressions with drugs, DUIs, infidelity, lies, and so on, gone. Poof. Makes this whole reflection thing kind of hard, really. Cause once those bad things are gone, they're gone. It's like they never existed. It's how I sleep at night. It's how I can be so sure in the face of logic, facts, and rationality that the things I choose to do are the right course, because it's all for Jesus. Who wouldn't go for that deal?

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