Monday, November 5, 2007

General Petraeus's Staff is as Neutral, Nonpartisan and Competent as he is

Glenzilla!!!  Where??

We have learned who the number one target of terrorists is because the worst has come to pass - the terrorists have hacked into the US military. Terrorists stole the online identity of Lt. Col. Stephen Boylan, General Petraeus's spokesman. Having made such a monumental and significant incursion, the terrorists took their best shot first, knowing that our retribution will be fast and furious. They knew they would have only one shot. Who or what would it be? CENTCOM, NORAD, the second most powerful nonpartisan politician in Iraq, David Petraeus himself?

No. Once their dastardly efforts got them such high level access into the hierarchy, they had free rein to do their worst at any level: the havoc they could create with things like strategic plans, personnel, and finance was unlimited. So they unloaded everything they had at the most prominent American target they could: Glen Greenwald.

That's right. Terrorists hacked into the military so that they could sent petulant, peevish emails to liberals. Now, I had hoped that this was maybe a reverse sting, with Boylan entrapping terrorists to find out what their methods and targets would be. However, that is NOT the case, as Boylan has vociferously and repeatedly denied that he is responsible for the emails, and since he is as honest and above reproach as General Petraeus, I take him at his word.

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