Friday, December 21, 2007

Condi Trusts Terrorists

Displaying the keen insight that has made her the phenomenally successful and respected figure that she in the international community, Sexretary of State Conduhleezza Rice is proposing to let the terrorists we are holding in Guantanamo go. But get this: first, they have to promise they'll be nice. Brilliant!! Who needs trials or evidence or rules of law or probable cause or any of that stuff. We know they're terrorists 'cause they're in Guantanamo, after all. They wouldn't be there if they weren't. I don't see any problem with kidnapping people, imprisoning them for years without charges or access to courts or lawyers, torturing them, and then trusting them when they give us their word that they'll be good if we let them go, do you?

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The Modesto Kid said...

No? Sounds to me like she's saying "We're willing to release the prisoners we are holding without due process, but only if the government we release them to promises us they will be held without due process in their home country." I don't see where the prisoners are being asked to make any promises -- their not getting anything out of the transaction after all.