Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Rules Royce

You know I'm all about security, so it'll come as no surprise that records of visitors to the White House are created by the Secret Service. In order to stop nosy busybodies from poking around in the dim dark recesses of my administration, I ordered the Secret Service visitor records turned over to the White House, where they were then treated as presidential records that are outside the scope of the public records law. In ordering the disclosure of the records to do-gooders interested in open and ethical government, United States District Judge Royce Lamberth detailed the Secret Service's acquiescence as the Bush administration took control of White House visitor records during the Abramoff scandal. Purely coincidental timing, I assure you. This is how I roll: Citizens of the United States are not entitled to know how I'm running the country, or who I have halping me make the wildly successful policies that have made me the bestest Pretzeldent ever. It's nobody's business but mine who I let into the White House. Just ask Jimmy Jeff Guckert Gannon. I don't know who this activist judge thinks he is by subjecting me to the same rules of law that everyone else must follow.

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