Monday, January 21, 2008

SS to America: Hands off the Dick

Dick not welcome in Beaver

Dick came to Beaver Creek, Colorado in June 2006. Steven Howards approached him, patted him on the shoulder and stated his opposition to Bush & Cheney's Iraq war.

About 10 minutes after the encounter, well after Mr. Howards had walked away, he was arrested. The Secret Service agents involved then went about preparing their individual statements about what happened.

The SS agent who made the arrest, Virgil D. Reichle Jr., did not witness the encounter and said that he and Dick were left hanging with an untenable arrest because two agents assigned to the Dick at first agreed that there had been assault on the Dick, then changed their stories to say that no assault had occurred.

The agents on the scene however, say that Reichle, who has since been transferred to Guam, asked them in a call several hours after the encounter to say that there had been an assault in order to bolster justification for the arrest after the fact.

All charges against Howards were later dropped. Cheney, with his pathological need to keep everything he does a secret, must love the fact that the same SS that fell all over itself to make sure everyone knew all about Clinton getting blown is now helping Dick squash dissent from American citizens.

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