Monday, April 14, 2008

dim bulb

glee club at Cornell did not prepare me for this

In his ABC interview, Mr. Hadley referred at least a half-dozen times to Nepal when he seemed clearly to be speaking of Tibet. A White House spokesman later confirmed that Mr. Hadley had misspoken.

Maybe it's because they have so many half-assed stories and after the fact justifications floating around in their heads for their own invasion and occupation that they can't be bothered to keep straight what the other fascist states are doing. Given the performance of the state department specifically and the Bush assministration generally, it's equally probable that it's just rank incompetence. With all of the other outrages going on, the notion that it is possible for the National Security Advisor to the Pretzeldent of the United States to not know the difference between Nepal and Tibet seems like small potatoes. Nevertheless, it matters because these people pay no attention to reality or to other people or countries. Writ small, it's all just trivia to people like Hadley. Writ large, this attitude is disaster on a nationwide scale. Like all of the other Republicans, he'll magically get smart just in time to write his "Told you so" book he'll put out just after he leaves his government office about how he knew what was going on but no one would listen.

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