Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Republican Captive Customer Appreciation Day

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It's April 15th. I held on to my cash with both hands as long as I could, but I'm writing a check to the United States Government today. In honor of that event, let's look at how Unca Dick and his clueless sidekick Squinty McBugfuck will spend my money:

Military Spending

United States $ 583,283,000,000*+**
France  $ 74,690,470,000
United Kingdom   $ 68,911,000,000
China $ 59,000,000,000
Germany $ 44,712,300,000
Japan $ 41,750,000,000
Russia $ 40,000,000,000
Italy $ 32,600,000,000
Saudi Arabia $ 31,050,000,000
South Korea $ 27,400,000,000
India $ 26,500,000,000
Brazil $ 25,396,731,055
Australia $ 20,727,710,000
Canada $ 17,150,002,540
Spain $ 15,792,207,000
Turkey $ 15,166,000,000
Netherlands $ 12,000,000,000
Poland $ 10,838,000,000
Communist China $ 10,500,000,000
Israel $ 9,444,000,000

*Does not include the cost of Bush's wars, all of which are being done off budget and off the books and with no accountability whatsoever. If, as projected, Bush spends three trillion dollars of your and my tax dollars on his off-the-books vanity wars, take some time to see what that money might have accomplished if spent on legitimate purposes.

+Does not include the BILLION dollars paid to Erik Prince and Blackwater by the State Department and the Pentagon.

**May not include the $6,145,783,263 paid to Dick Cheney's asshole tax dodger buddies, rapist enablers and garden variety criminals at KBR.

And yes, the US total is more than all the rest combined.

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