Sunday, May 18, 2008

Pressed on Wood

how much for the little girl?

It's Sunday - the Sabbath, the Lord's Day; the day of rest. Let's talk religion, oh I don't know ... like that good ol' Christianity practiced at the Prestonwood Baptist Church, in Plano Texas. Home of the Jesus Dome, or Six Flags Over Jesus. If you follow George Bush, you'll get to Prestonwood. As all good Republicans do, Prestonwood returns the favor, and leads people to
Bush: But most importantly, I want to thank the grassroots activists. I want to thank you for what you're fixing to do, which is man those phones, put up the signs, and turn out a huge vote. We're counting on you. Finally, it's good to see my friend Jack Graham, who is with us, the pastor of Prestonwood Baptist Church.

Prestonwood: Only Republicans are welcome, but they don't play favorites - they like both far right Christians and ultraconservative fundamentalist christians. Chuck Norris goes there. Just like Jesus said to do, Prestonwood puts its money where its mouth is.

You know what else they like to do at Republican Prestonwood? Drive 200 miles with a webcam and a fistful of condoms to fuck little girls.

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