Sunday, September 14, 2008

Take the Red Pill

America needs leadership that is based in the real world, not one that is based on phony images created by media manipulation and self deception.

mainlining the bullshit

We have had eight years of goverment populated by people that "create their own reality," as Karl Rove once famously bragged.

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Republican reality includes a war in Iraq based on WMD that did not exist; a handful of troops that would be greeted as liberators, who would win a war in six months that would be paid for by the Iraqis. Their reality also included Bush not spying on American citizens and claiming not to torture people.

not like us

The disastrous results of living in Republican fantasyland is apparent to most people; as is the need for a strong dose of reality.

c0ck goes where?

However, Palin McCain propose to give us more of the same - they live in a nonexistent world where Palin sold a state jet on ebay for a profit; where you can fire a librarian for not letting you ban books; where the government is used as a tool to punsh your enemies and reward your friends; and where you suck up Federal cash with corrupt lobbyists like a truckload of Bounty and then claim to refuse earmarks.
bearly there

What will be interesting is whether Palin McCain can even deal with the real world.
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It has been proven beyond doubt that Palin sought out, got and kept federal earmarks for her bridge to nowhere; and built a road to nowhere with it. Nevertheless, Palin McCain continued to claim over and over again that they did not do those things. Can they admit the truth and have a debate in the real world; or will we get more lies?
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Palin McCain is on the road to nowhere - America can't go down that road.

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