Monday, June 29, 2009

This Little Thing Of Ours

HUGE tracts of land

This article was published in 2003. On reading it, the question immediately jumped to my mind: Where are the assholes profiled in the story now? What damage have they done to our country since their little cult of fundamentalist lunacy was disclosed?

hiking the trail

Well, La Casa Nostra is still going strong, as Ensign and Sanford are made men in that Family.

cashed in his chips

The circumstances about Republican Senator John Ensign's confession of breach of trust, adultery and deceit are surprisingly similar to those of current republican hypocrite Mark Sanford. During the Lewinsky scandal a decade ago, Ensign voted to remove the president from office, and Sanford also voted to remove Clinton from office. When other prominent politicians got caught in sex scandals, Ensign went on the attack, and Sanford also went on the attack. Ensign is an evangelical Christian who has promoted the "sanctity" of marriage; Sanford is an evangelical Christian who has promoted the "sanctity" of marriage. Additional hypocrite republicans who had no problem legislating private behavior until they were caught include Larry "Wide Stance" Craig, Mark "Turn the Page" Foley and "Diaper Dave" Vitter.

diaper dandy

These men are in the party that pushed to amend the Consitution to protect "the sanctity of marriage" but who are so afraid of the constitutional frailty of legislating religious claptrap that they also moved to strip the courts of jurisdiction to hear cases relating to it.

im in yr base, bangin yer wife

These are the people running our country. They see no irony in using the Mafia, Hitler, Lenin, Stalin and Pol Pot as their role models; nor in

lumping Jesus in with that group.


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