Sunday, March 14, 2010

How does anyone take this shit seriously?

As ongoing investigations into the sexual abuse of children, cover-ups and avoidance of justice climb the hierarchy of the Catholic church to implicate Pope Benedict himself, the head of the Vatican's tribunal has taken the unprecedented step of publicly reinforcing the Pope's status not as father of the church but as a head of state - and thus immune from prosecution.

During his tenure as archbishop of Munich, Pope Benedict XVI participated in the decision to move a priest accused of sexual molestation to his diocese to undergo "therapy." The priest was then reassigned and committed more abuse. Benedict (at the time Archbishop Joseph Rat singer) was involved in the 1980 decision to move the priest from a church in Essen, Germany, to Ratsi's rectory in the Munich region. The kid toucher was subsequently allowed to continue pastoral duties, during which he committed new abuses for which he was convicted by a court in 1986. All of this is in keeping with decades of similar conduct by the US church officials. Most recently the gay prostitution ring in the Vatican itself continues to show that religion is rotten to the core. Even the Pope’s brother, Father Georg Ratzinger, has admitted he hit (on) choir boys. Italian priest Father Amorth said in response to the most recent scandal to hit the Vatican: ”The Devil lives in the Vatican. Naturally it’s difficult to find proof, but the true consequences are visible. We have cardinals who don’t believe in Christ, bishops connected with demons. Then we have these stories of paedophilia. You can see the rot when we speak of Satan’s smoke in the holy rooms of the Vatican.” Unintentional truth can be the best kind.


Sadly, he follows this bit of truth with holy roller nitwittery so as to undermine it: Amorth claims to have participated in 70,000 exorcisms.
Isn’t the transparent lie enough to show this is a bullshit? Dealing with 70,000 “Demonic possessions” means 4 a day, every day for 50 years. Seems like that much demonic possession would have made a few ripples outside the amorphous church world, but no.

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