Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Monica Goodling ♥ Bush

There are people who have sacrificed jobs, careers, and whatever integrity and honesty they might otherwise possess to serve me. That's what it means to be a "Loyal Bushie." There's a divine wind blowing through my administration, and you got to be ready to give it all away and ride that wind wherever it takes you in order to be a Republican in today's world. This lack of care for personal things enables Loyal Bushies to concentrate their attention on eradicating my enemies with unwavering determination, meanwhile reinforcing their excellence in bureaucratic skills. They know their reward is not in this world, which frees me from any guilt or responsibility for what happens to them. I prize loyalty to me above all, and I know that the Loyal Bushies gladly go down to disgrace in order to demonstrate who is most loyal to me.

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