Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Neocon heroes - Turncoat Division


Joe Lieberman's staunch support for the most outlandish claims I made during the runup and prosecution of my Iraq war were just the prelude for his unwavering support and advocacy of Mr. Cheney's great idea of having an additional war with Iran, since we did so well with that whole Iraq invasion, occupation and destruction. Sadly those pesky CIA NIE guys undercut all those fanciful tales we were spinning. But nevermind all that. The CT dems had enough of his undying Bush love and kicked his wrinkly old ass out in the primaries. Not content with the emphatic views of the voters in his party, he set aside all those years of support the Democratic party provided him, took aid and comfort from the Republicans, and won the general election. Furthering his descent into tardville, he has now endorsed prowar candidate John McCain. Delusional, smug, self absorbed, arrogant, disloyal. A true neocon hero.

UPDATE: Reaction from the Straight Talk Distress following the endorsement:

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