Thursday, December 20, 2007

"Why yes, everything that comes out of my mouth IS a lie!"


Tapes of the CIA torturing people. We first said they didn't exist. That was a lie. We were lying when we said that. We knew they existed because most of the White House brain trust had been plotting for years how the tapes could be destroyed. Then, once the tapes' existence was disclosed, prolly by some disloyal CIA agent, we publicly pinned their destruction on some guy named Henry, who is conveniently no longer with the CIA. Of course, the truth is that Mr. Cheney's right hand man David Addington, Harriett Miers and Fredo all were involved in the plan to destroy the tapes not withstanding several court orders to preserve them. No word on where Monica Goodling was. But anyhoo, lookit all them lawyers I got tellin me its OK to destroy the tapes! I am Super Bush!1 Able to resist court orders with at single bound! Faster than a speeding subpoenae! Stronger than a bare majority of Congress!

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