Tuesday, July 15, 2008

All the Dead Are Fungible

They aren't lying when they say they have no recall of how it is that the Bush White House and its military arm the Pentagon managed to completely fabricate and misrepresent the events surrounding two high profile people whose stories were used to catapult the propaganda in favor of Bush's war, and then stall, discourage, hinder the families from getting the truth about what happened to Pat "Worm Dirt" Tillman
and Jessica Lynch
in Bush's war. For recovering loyal Bushie Scott McClellan,
let's hear the truth about this now that you're in the mood
propagandist Dan Bartlett,
official Bush white house frowny face
"christian ethicist" Michael Gerson,
true believer in the 10 commandments, except when it suits him
and all-around asshole Donald Rumsfeld,
everybody knows he's a total asshole now
the dead and wounded from the Republican vanity war are meaningless apart from the public relations value the Bush Administration can extract from their lives. Once they have exploited these people for any PR value, they are then meaningless cannon fodder in the Republican war on truth, not worthy of the memory of any Republican.

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