Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fox in a Box

ready for my dirt nap

So Tony Snow is dead. How does one eulogize a professional liar? Well, he was good at his job, which amounted to reciting Republican propaganda to an audience of brain dead mouth breathers: Fox "News" viewers and the White House Press corps.

Like Bush, he accomplished his mission, which was to put a ribbon on a cowpie and convince people it was a birthday present.

For me, the indelible image that remains from his tenure as an Assministration flack is his taxpayer funded field trip to the hellish playground he and his ilk dreamed up, created, and sustained. As the chopper descended, and the camera captured their codpiece moment, I'm sure the unmistakeable aroma of Republican courage filled the cabin, and for just for a moment Snow and Bartlett caught a whiff of reality.


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