Saturday, July 12, 2008

Gramm Crackers


According to John McCain, Phil Gramm is the smartest economist and political strategist he knows. When John McCain needed to shore up support from skeptical economic conservatives during the presidential primaries, he turned to his old friend, Phil Gramm. Gramm is a McCain confidant whose post-Senate lobbying activities conflict with McCain's promise to steer clear of lobbyists in his presidential campaign.

Gramm is responsible for one of McCain's many flip-flops: A longtime fiscal conservative who voted against President Bush's tax cuts, under Gramm's influence McCake became a supply-sider who wants to make the Bush tax cuts permanent.

Gramm went off message in his latest efforts on behalf of McCake by complaining that American worried about the awful Republican economy are in a "mental recession" and whiners. Leaving aside the irony of a multimilionaire brain dead RNC lobbyist accusing others of being in a mental recession, here's a memo to these two douchebags: most of us don't have huge piles of cash extorted from corporations like Gramm or a mega rich trophy wife sugar momma like McCake to fall back on when times are indisputably hard.

holy shit he's old

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