Monday, July 21, 2008

Prosecute This


Let's recap. Rove and Bush decide to purge US attorneys who did not pursue bogus voter intimidation cases and replace professional, competent prosecutors with their opposites: Loyal Bushies.
this too

Pliable, flaccid, empty suit Attorney General Alberto Gonzales thinks "its a swell idea, Mister Pretzeldent" and happily goes along with it.
How's the job search going, Fredo?

Gonzo, called before Congress to testify under oath on the personnel matters in his department, forgets his own name, shits his pants on national TV and embarrasses the entire legal profession, which takes some doing.
i don't recall

Congress subpoenaes Rove to explain the sordid, dishonest Republican scheme. Rove runs away crying to his Mommy. Mommy tells him that he doesn't have to tell those mean Demoncrats anything.

Republicans say it's not a crime if they don't catch you

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