Sunday, August 31, 2008


Time for an Olympics recap.

Bush, looking to spend time with another repressive, paranoid, government based on lies, heads to Beijing for the 2008 summer games. "Hey lookit me! I'm the new Pokemon,
presidential underoos

Once there, he had to sit through basketball practice with coach Val Ackerman, who made the mistake of being
too many black chicks in baggy shorts
old and clothed.

Just like in the August 2001 presidential daily briefing and every Cabinet meeting thereafter, Bush begins to daydream. This one apparently features JimmyJeff GannonGuckert, so it's


Ever the drunk fratboy concerned about performance anxiety, W really
breaks a sweat
around attractive women. He nevertheless manages to make a nice example of a
balls on chin
dick and balls

Mr. Resolute keeps at it, and eventually shows Misty
needledickwhat he's got.

Due to his inability to stay on his feet and his otherwise erratic behavior, rumors abounded that W fell off the wagon again and was roaming around drunk. He was not drunk - just ripped to the tits on painkillers from that
segway redux
unreported Beijing bike accident
clearly displayed on his elbows.

All's well that ends well, as the

flying high
on the ol' elbows healed up nicely.
and the
DUDE!!  It's my skulll!
Vicodin buzz
was just an added bonus.

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