Thursday, May 8, 2008

A lie makes it twice around the world

In Satan's Service
Michael Gerson, formerly the president's "Spiritual" scribe, wrote flowery language, created images of thoughtfulness, ethics, evenhandedness, respect for others, and helped foster many other imaginary attributes for republicans like George Bush. (Actually, the primary job of Bush's speechwriter is accommodating his retarded speaking style and religious convictions). Gerson, George W. Bush's chief scribe from 2000 and subsequent policy adviser, shares Bush's devout "Christian" faith and his view that the role of God in human affairs should be publically reaffirmed. He is no longer an official republican employee, but he still toils in advancement of their agenda. Gerson says "Scrubbing public discourse of religious ideas would remove one of the main sources of social justice in our history." Once again the hypocrisy of these phony christians knows no bounds. How dare a Bush republican talk about justice, let alone social justice? The corruption in the Justice department continues to unravel. He has obviously not paid a lot of attention to the illegitimate and illegal conduct that he has dressed up for his moronic figurehead.

Most recently, he issued a pile of steaming poo in the form of an op-ed in which he contends that republicans are not at war with science, a lie and a poorly told one at that. All he talks about are sex education and stem cells, two issues that aren't even close to being the core issues in the Republican war on science. The core issues are global warming denialism; creationism and intelligent design; the Gingrich-era shutdown of OTA; the promotion of phony cost-benefit analysis; and politically motivated lying about things like Plan B, breast cancer links to abortion, and condoms and STDs.

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