Thursday, May 8, 2008

Turd Bergner

I'm just making shit up
Dick installed his talking points hero Kevin Bergner in a position to ramp up the rhetoric so that Cheney can have his Iran war on top of all of his other glorious compensations for having better things to do back in the 60s when his time to serve in the military was due. Bergner, the chief of public affairs in Iraq, invited members of the press to the latest in a series of Iran bashing dog-and-pony shows in Baghdad's Green Zone. Bergner and his staff let reporters see two roadside bombs disguised as rocks that, Bergner said were "likely" of Iranian provenance." Likely of Iranian provenance? Likely? What kind of half-seated accusation was that for a U.S. Army general to level at Iran while Congress debates declaring war on them? Perhaps more importantly: Why do media outlets like the New York Times continue to play echo chamberlain for this kind of irresponsible inflammatory rhetoric?

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