Thursday, May 8, 2008

Pride of Provo

In addition to magic underwear and baptizing the dead, Kyle Sampson believes in bringing the force of the United States Government to bear against democrats. In conjunction with Harriet Miers, George Bush and Alberto Gonzales, Sampson fired United States Attorneys who, consistent with their duty as an officer of the court and the US Government, declined to bring phony voter fraud cases against democrats. It was Kyle who lined up the eight US District Attorneys and fired them because of their failure to indict enough Democrats fast enough for the 2006 election. Bush appointees Gonzales, Paul McNulty and William Moschella then each lied to Congress about their conduct in the matter. Unlike the rest of the bush crime family, however, Sampson apparently has some residual sense of responsibility and accountability left, as he resigned once his ethically challenged conduct became known. A true star in the firmament of the Bush administration.

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